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      Standing while working, even for just 30 minutes at a time (4 hours a day or more) can have a major impact on your health and body, and it’s not difficult to do if you have the right equipment. Sit-Stand desks, sometimes known as standing desks or height-adjustable desks, are all the rage and make it very easy to change posture throughout the day while working. For example, this one offers easy adjustability of the desktop height and has a swiveling chair that can move out of the way while standing! 
        Height adjustable desks are becoming increasingly popular in the office. And rightly so: height-adjustable desks allow for an uncomplicated change of working posture, from sitting to standing and back again. The investment in height-adjustable desks pays off as it can avoid preventable back complaints, increases performance, concentration and motivation of employees, and minimizes downtime. The smow furnishing experts have assembled essentials to consider when selecting in a sit-stand desk, and why they are so enormously advantageous for employees and employers.
        By nature, the human body functions best when it moves; however, especially in everyday office life, stationary sitting is the predominant position and this all too often leads to stiffening or joint wear and tear. It has long been established that well-adapted, ergonomic office chairs are essential in everyday office life; however, it is also important to regularly stand up in the course of the working day, including for prolonged periods. This does not mean that you should only stand, not only is that not necessarily healthy, but moreover it is not always possible. Much more, frequent changes of position is recommended, changes from which the body and brain profit. The occasional change of position and posture is essential for a lively mind. Some experts recommend sitting for 60 % of the working time, 30 % standing and actively moving during the remaining 10 % of the working day. Regardless of your preferred option it is clear that a healthy combination of sitting, standing and active moving should be encouraged and undertaken.

    Standing desk frames have an extremely positive effect on workplace ergonomics - and that without the need for major alterations. Following a quick transition period, you and your employees will realise the many advantages a electric height adjustable desk can bring in so many areas. 

            If a desk cannot be height-adjusted, and the work process is extremely monotonous, a number of problems can arise:

                Dissatisfaction and irritability
                Tensions and chronic bad posture
                Declining quality of work and concentration → inefficiency
                Motivation problems due to monotonous physical stress
                Circulation problems


    A monitor stand provides a wealth of benefits to both those who work at desks and PC gamers. From health benefits to staying organized, here are the main advantages of using one.

    The first and foremost benefit to using an adjustable monitor arm is the ability to change a monitor’s height, depth and sometimes even its angle. This customization allows a person to position their monitor in the exact spot it needs to be to prevent them from straining their neck and eyes while they use it over an extended period. Ideally, the monitor should be placed directly in the center field of vision, so the viewer does not need to look up or down to see their screen. This direct viewing angle prevents them from developing strain-related neck pain.


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